Sunday, 7 June 2020

Last week Shire 10 has been celebrating Samoan Language week, finishing off with a yummy Koko Laisa.
 Grating the koko
 Showing the ingredients and explaining where the koko comes from.

 Careful measuring!
The yummy koko laisa

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Hiringa 2020

Term One 2020

Welcome back! We have had a great start to the new term with students getting to know their new
classmates and getting stuck into new learning. 

This term our focus continues to be around our Inquiry Learning. Inquiry allows us to explore our
student's interests and enables them to go 'deeper' by following meaningful, relevant and
realistic pathways.
Curriculum areas are covered through a range of targeted learning suited to our student needs.

This term we will also be getting ready for our EOTC days that are happening at the beginning of Term 2.
We will be going to Snow Planet as well as getting involved in a number of water and land based
activities run by Birkenhead Leisure Centre.

Through EOTC students get the opportunity to explore a range of activities, challenge
themselves and socialise with new friends.  More information will be coming your way very soon!

Sport plays a big role in opportunities available to Year 5 and 6 students.
This term Eden/Albert competitions are Swimming, Cricket and Touch.
Students will be advised of trials through the school notices that are read in class.

We welcome you to pop in anytime before or after school to see the learning that is occurring in the
classroom.  We are also very happy to meet; please contact us via e-mail to organise if needed.

Teachers working in Hiringa this year are:
Carol-Anne Kempster (Shire 10)
Aamina Muneer (Shire 9)
Kylie Hogg(Room 30)
Nic Garelja(Room 29)
Steph Slaven (Room 19)
Amanda Boyce (Room 18)

Our meet the teacher information evening occurs 11 th February 2019 in the school staffroom 5.30 - 6:20pm.
An opportunity to visit student classes will be part of this.

Student led conferences for goal setting and discussion will be happening later in the term. We hope to see
you there!

Monday, 14 October 2019

Term 4 - Here we go!!

Kia Ora all and welcome to Term 4! 

We all hope you enjoyed the term break and spent some time with family and friends.

As usual we simply cannot believe how fast a year goes by and that we are now at the special time of year as we work through to our farewell for our fantastic Year 6 students at our poroporoaki. The poroporoaki is a time for us all to celebrate, to reflect and wish our tamariki all the best on the next part of their educational and life journeys. We have scheduled this for Thursday 12th December from 9.15am till 10.30am - all parents and families are welcome to attend the event in our school hall.

Image result for poroporoaki

Congratulations to Spencer Tuhakaraina for winning first place at our Hiringa Speech Final and also to Zac Leech for his runner up position. Spencer presented at Gladstone School in the local schools finals in Week 1 this term. 

This term we also have our school athletics day on October 29th, Eden Albert Softball November 5th and Eden Albert Athletics November 19th also.

We have been lucky enough to have Room 29 publish poems at Red Room Poetry. If you click this link you will find a wide variety and great skill in the crafting of these pieces - just select the required year level. There is a competition involved, we will update here if we are lucky enough to have any placements this year.

We also would like to thank all of you for your support this year - whether it be sport help, camp, trips, or simply popping into class to celebrate student learning... Thank you!

Please keep a check on the school website calendar for any additional dates and events. Home learning is now available on the tab above.

Thursday, 29 August 2019


We have had some great and rewarding learning this term around poetry.
Our guest visitors from Red Room Poetry provided a chance for all students
to think carefully about language, imagery and reflection based on a meaningful object.

Here is Courtney Sina Meredith working with Room 29.

We have also had the chance to present our own poetry at 'open mic' in
our school library.
Check us out!

We are really expanding our skill set in performing and writing some detailed, powerful poetry. 

Time for change By Ruby

People treat each other differently                                    
Is it the colour of their skin?
Or where they’re born or what they wear
That stops them fitting in?

It’s no better than it’s ever been 
You’d think we’d get much smarter
with all of our technology 
But fear has made us guarded

It’s time to change, it’s time to think
Of a much better world
With acceptance and equality 
For every boy and girl
Let’s celebrate our differences
They are what makes us great
It's time to accept each other
And stop the fear and hate

It’s time to change 
Time for me 
Time for you
Time for change….. 

Martin luther king had a dream 
of children holding hands 
Black and white together
They gave him the Nobel Peace Prize
but someone killed the king 

It’s time to change 
Time for me 
Time for you
Time for change…..

Rosa Parks rode the bus 
In the segregated section
But refused to give up her seat
To an entitled white person

Black people refused to ride the buses
For over a year
To demonstrate against the power
That discrimination was unfair

It’s time to change 
Time for me 
Time for you
Time for change…..

Nelson Madela was locked away for 27 years 
for believing in equality and daring to care 
about the people of his homeland 
a great man who forgave his captives on his long walk to freedom
 and became the president and the father of the nation

It’s time to change 
Time for me 
Time for you
Time for change…..

In March 2019 here in our own backyard a man filled with hate
Tried to divide us by targeting two mosques 51 killed 49 injured
but he never achieved his goal 
As our country came together to mourn our muslim brothers 
“They are us” Jacinda said and so we visited the mosque 
To demonstrate we cared and shared in our terrible loss

The world stood up and noticed and the internet got blamed
But it got the people's attention to demand a time for change

It’s time to change 
Time for me 
Time for you
Time for change

The world is getting warmer, and people are on the move
Should we build walls to keep them out or bring them to our shores? 
It's time to change,  It's time to become who we need to be
for a future for our families a future for you and me,
 for the refugees that need a new place to call home,
We are them and they are us, let's welcome them to come! 

It’s time to change 
Time for me 
Time for you
Time for change 

It starts with me, its starts with you identify ,think, change 
Identify the racist thoughts that lead to racist things 
Think about the racist thoughts and the difference we could bring 
If we change the way we treat each other
and look for what we share 
Lets celebrate our differences 

And show the world how much we care!

Monday, 22 July 2019

Welcome to Term 3!

Welcome back to Term 3. It's great to have students arrive back at school well rested and ready to start another fantastic term of learning.

This term we have a few really great opportunities coming up for our students. We have Tennis Monsters NZ running session with our students, introducing them to the elements and fun of tennis; additionally City Slick Basketball will be offering a similar type of approach for basketball! We have E/A Rugby and Rippa and also E/A Netball.

We are also looking at speeches this term and will be leading into a Hiringa final with the top winner attending our local APPA cluster competition. Students will have a few different options this year, including the chance to prepare performance poetry. To help with this we have 2 guest poets working with classes on the 19th and 20th August - Zech Soakai (19th) and Courtney Sina Meredith (20th). They have been accessed through Red Room Poetry and we really are looking forward to meeting them and learning more about performance poetry.

Zech SoakaiCourtney Sina Meredith

Please keep a check on the school website calendar for any additional dates and events. Home learning is now available on the tab above.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019


What an amazing time we have had at Camp Adair! Our students are so lucky to have had this opportunity to grow, learn and make new friends in the great outdoors.

Monday, 8 April 2019

Gear List - Camp Adair!

Hiringa Camp Gear List - Camp Adair, Hunua 2019



All your gear must be clearly named – it is your responsibility to look after it during camp.
You MUST bring:
 Bedding – a sleeping bag, blanket and pillow
 Pyjamas
 Socks – 4 pairs at least
 Raincoat -This needs to be waterproof
 Warm hat and sunhat
 Running shoes/sneakers that you will keep dry
 Shoes or sandals that can get wet x 1
 Undies – 5 pairs at least
 T-shirts – at least 3
 Shorts - 2
 Track pants or similar
 A warm sweatshirt or polar fleece
 Togs and at least 1 beach towel
 Bath towel
 A tea towel for drying dishes
 Soap
 Toothbrush, toothpaste
 Insect repellent
 A book to read (sorry no e-book devices)
 Drink bottle and a cup/mug. Non-breakable is ideal.
 Plastic bags for dirty clothes!

You MAY bring:
 Slippers
 Other toiletries
 A small cuddly friend – not alive!
 A pack of cards or a small game that does not require a battery
 A stand alone camera (eg. not a phone or iPad etc)
 Torch

You may NOT bring:
 Lollies, chewing gum or any extra snacks (no exceptions - we have students with allergy
 Electronics
 Phones
 Jewellery
 Devices (eg. iPad type)
You will also need to bring a packed morning tea and lunch for the first day of camp.