Monday, 29 October 2018

Welcome to Term 4 2018!

Hello Parents and families of amazing Hiringa!

Welcome to Term 4. I hope you and your families had a restful school holiday break. 
It will be a busy last term with much new learning and growth. This term we farewell our Year Six students - we recognise the journey they have been on and the journey to come. All parents and family are invited to attend.

The new home learning project is now up on our home learning tab with the focus again being for students to select a subject of their choice to research linked to the letters H I R I N G A. We have talked to our students about making their chosen area or topic of interest to them and manageable.  A great way to do this is to select 3 questions to find out about, before sharing their new findings and knowledge.  They may also want to use the suggested questions on the home learning page as well. Over the course of the year we have had many varied topics, and we all certainly feel more informed than we did at the start of the year. 

Additionally, our school Athletics day is fast approaching, and is set for Wednesday 31 October (rain day Tuesday 6 November) at 3 Kings Park.  Our athletics team for Eden Albert will be selected from these finalists. More details will follow very soon. Also this term is the Eden Albert Softball tournament on Thursday 8 November at Keith Hay Park, with teams now selected to go.

Our annual school picnic at Cornwall Park is expected to take place on Friday 7 December, and then it will be time to farewell our Year 6 students at their Poroporoaki as they move on to Intermediate on Tuesday 11 December. 

We will also soon be starting our Keeping Ourselves Safe unit in conjunction with the Police Education programme.  Please help your child by looking at this information and discussing with your child what has been covered at school, which will allow for some additional learning at home.

As the year ends we realise some of you may have planned holidays or early summer escapes.  If your holiday coincides with the school term, please remember to email the school office so that they can adjust the roll on .

Lastly, have a great Term 4 and stay tuned for many more examples of learning for this term.

Sunday, 9 September 2018


Our mighty rugby players were out in force last week at the Interzone Rugby Tournament. The girls ripper team placed a very impressive 4th place and the boys (tackle) team made it to the final coming in 2nd place. What an outstanding effort, your team spirit and skill did Balmoral proud!

Speeches 2018

We have had a great few weeks of speech writing and speech presentations. Students spoke on range of topics based around the theme of 'change'. With such a variety, it was difficult to choose our 12 finalists - 2 from each class.

In our finals we had:
Amelie - astronomy
Evie - Reading dogs
Phoebe - Axolotls
Emma - Cyber Bullying
Zac - Animal Testing
Harry - Kid Terminator
Mila - Super Villains Unite
Ruby - Racism
Lilah - If I ruled the world
Claudia - Fast Food
Macy - Ants
Scarlett - Zoos

Our winner was Harry and our runner up was Macy. All students across Hiringa have been successful and have gained new skills in writing and speaking.

Thank you so much to Shire 2 for hosting and also to the amazing dancers for such entertainment.

Amazing Art!

All across the school last week were students learning about art, expressing themselves creatively and using a range medium in their work.

For 3 days Hiringa students worked to complete these amazing pieces!

 We even had some great dancing during lunch!

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Term 3 - Inquiry Snapshot

Welcome back!!

Term 3 learning is highlighted here with a continuation of our Inquiry learning across the Hiringa syndicate. Inquiry provides students with a learning context that is authentic or “real life”. It is designed to be highly motivating and very challenging for students. In Inquiry children increase their knowledge, acquire new skills, practise a range of skills that teachers have taught them and learn a lot about themselves. Inquiry also focuses on the skills that are needed to develop a person who can be an active contributor in a modern society. These are closely related to the key competencies outlined in the revised New Zealand Curriculum.

Speeches are upcoming this term. Students will each write, practise and present a speech. The focus is to be persuasive, convincing and succinct. This year APPA speeches have allowed for new additions such as rap, spoken poetry. Students will be learning about speeches in class and working on speaking and presentation skills.

Home learning is available now on the tab above. It is important to spend time learning times table facts, reading at home and supporting children in a collaborative shared way to help back up the work they do at school.

Please feel free to contact your child's teacher at anytime through e-mail or pop in before school.


In Shire 1 we are exploring learning based on using the human voice in creative ways. We have been learning about elements of film, such as types of shots, history, cameras and tools needed. We have been very interested in acting, and have used role play, scripting, drama games and oral language activities to explore these ideas. As part of learning about makeup and special effects we recently planned and created designs on each other.

In Shire 2 we have been exploring all things weather! We were fascinated by all of the crazy weather we had during our EOTC trips and decided to find out a little bit more about the lightning, thunder and rain we experienced. We looked into different ways people explained and mapped weather, jobs that were affected by it and the impact it had on us. Pilot Glen Yare exposed us to a very “cool” phenomena, supercooled water droplets. Our exploration has continued into learning about solids, liquids and gases and the amazingness of ice.

In Shire 6 we have been exploring gods from different places around the world. We started by looking at Nga Atua (The Maori Gods) during Matariki and went on to look at Greek, Japanese, Indian, Norse and many more. We decided to present our findings in creative ways in the last week of Term 4. Many of us chose to do plays, news presentations and entertaining slide shows. Here is a picture of the Norse Gods group, dressed up ready to perform their play.

After looking at life-cycles last term, Shire 4 wrote persuasive letters to Rosie, asking for a class pet. We considered all ideas and decided that chicks would make the best class pet. Raewyn from Living Eggs delivered 11 eggs in an incubator and we carefully observed and documented them hatching. For two weeks we were besotted with our 8 chickens and learnt all about their life cycle, development in the egg and how to care for them. They have gone to live on a free-range farm now but we are still chicken mad. Our next project is to construct chicken coops whilst learning all about measurement and ratios.

Having finished cheese tasting and following scientific processes to make our own, Shire 3 are considering why and how people choose to set world records. This has seen us looking at the superlatives used to describe the record, along with quantifying details like time, speed and distance measurements. We may even manage to set some Balmoral records that are the ‘largest, longest, fastest or most’ achieved tasks we can measure and imagine for ourselves. Jake is aiming to beat the juggling record and Alex is keen to beat the handstand record.

Shire 5 started fresh this term with our inquiry, exploring the human body with a focus on the lungs. The students and I investigated a sheep's pluck, trachea, 2 lungs and the heart, to gain an understanding of the intricate workings of the lungs. All students played a part, describing and scribing, creating scientific drawings, dissecting, etc. We later watched a diver hold his breath for 5 minutes underwater and the students were keen to discover how long they could hold their breath for. This lead to a whole class activity taking pre and post exercise heart rate tests and logging these.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Cross Country Term 2

On your mark, get set, go!

What a great morning of excitement, competition and determination. Hiringa and Whetu students all added to their ongoing improvement in our annual school cross country. It was great to see many parents attend and a big thank you to Lesley for organising this learning event.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Eden / Albert Football

Yesterday, we had four teams go to Eden Albert for football. The girls team came third equal and the boys A came in 2nd. Overall we had a great time and everyone played really well as a team!

- Daisy Wrapson