Friday, 5 February 2021

Hiringa 2021 - Term 1

Hiringa Camp Gear List - Camp Adair, Hunua 2021


All your gear must be clearly named – it is your responsibility to look after it during camp.

You MUST bring:

  • Bedding – a sleeping bag, blanket and pillow

  • Pyjamas

  • Socks – 4 pairs at least

  • Raincoat -This needs to be waterproof

  • Warm hat and sunhat

  • Running shoes/sneakers that you will keep dry

  • Running shoes/Sneakers that can get wet

  • Undies – 5 pairs at least

  • T-shirts – at least 3

  • Shorts - 2

  • Track pants or similar 

  • A warm sweatshirt or polar fleece

  • Togs 

  • Towels 1x Bath towel, 1x Beach (min)

  • Torch

  • A tea towel for drying dishes

  • Soap

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste

  • Insect repellent

  • A book to read (sorry no e-book devices)

  • Drink bottle and a cup/mug. Non-breakable is ideal.

  • Plastic bags for dirty clothes!

Please label everything

You MAY bring:

  • Slippers, onesie

  • Other toiletries

  • A small cuddly friend – not alive!

  • A pack of cards or a small game that does not require a battery

  • A stand alone camera (eg. not a phone or iPad etc)

DO NOT bring: 

  • Lollies, chewing gum or any extra snacks (no exceptions - we have students with allergy requirements)     

  • Electronics

  • Phones

  • Jewellery (including watches)

  • Devices (eg. iPad)

You will also need to bring a packed lunch and afternoon tea for the first day of camp.

Welcome back! We have had a great start to the new term with students getting to know their new classmates and getting stuck into new learning. 

This term our focus continues to be around our Inquiry Learning. Inquiry allows us to explore our student's interests and enables them to go 'deeper' by following meaningful, relevant and realistic pathways. Curriculum areas are covered through a range of targeted learning suited to our student needs. 

This term we will also be getting ready for our camp at Camp Adair in Hunua which is happening at the beginning of Term 2. Students will get the opportunity to explore a range of activities, challenge themselves and socialise with new friends. More information will be coming your way very soon! 

Sport plays a big role in opportunities available to Year 5 and 6 students. This term Eden/Albert competitions are Swimming, Cricket and Touch. Students will be advised of trials through the school notices that are read in class. 

You are welcome to pop in anytime before or after school to see the learning that is occurring in the classroom. We are also very happy to meet; please contact us via e-mail to organise if needed. 

Teachers working in Hiringa this year are: 
Carol-Anne Kempster (Shire 8) 
Olivia Giles (Shire 6) 
Kylie Hogg(Room 28) 
Nic Garelja(Room 27) 
Stephanie  Slaven (Shire 10)
Amanda Boyce (Shire 9) 

Our meet the teacher information evening is on the 11th February. The classrooms will be open from 5-6pm so that you can see our spaces and have a chat. Student led conferences for goal setting and discussion will be happening later in the term. 
We hope to see you there! 

 Steph, Carol-Anne, Kylie, Amanda, Nic and Olivia

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Last week Shire 10 has been celebrating Samoan Language week, finishing off with a yummy Koko Laisa.
 Grating the koko
 Showing the ingredients and explaining where the koko comes from.

 Careful measuring!
The yummy koko laisa